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2016 MIPA Summit
Health Equity and Injury Prevention: The Missing Thread

Keynote Addresses:

"Making Violence Prevention Urgent" (James A. Mercy, CDC)

"Achieving Health and Safety for All: A Critical Conversation Exploring the Root Causes of Violence" (Mighty Fine, APHA)

"Becoming Trauma Informed" (Anita Mandley, The Center for Contextual Change)

Block 1

"Engaging in State and National Policy and Advocacy Efforts" (Paul Bonta, Safe States Alliance)

"Integrating a Lifesaving Elixir into US Practices" (Dan Bigg, Chicago Recovery Alliance)

"Policy Approach to Prevent Opioid Overdose Deaths: Role of Pharmacists" (Lisa Bullard-Cawthorne & Jennifer Tranmer, Wisconsin Department of Health Services)

"Violence, Risk and Guns" (Joshua Horwitz & Kayla Hicks, Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence)

Block 2

"#SocialMedia@PublicHealth: Learning When to “Like it”, “Post it”, or “Pin it” to Meet Your Public Health Goals and Engage Your Partners" (Tracy Mehan, Gary Smith, Laura Friedenberg, and Cynthia Anderson, Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children's Hospital)

"Listen To Your Customers. They Will Tell You All About Engaging And Retaining Health Programs" (Shannon Myers, Wisconsin Institute on Healthy Aging)

Block 3

"Community-Academic Collaboration to Prevent Violence in Chicago" (Jackie Samuel & Rebecca Levin, Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago)

"Community-engaged Research: An Overview" (Maryann Mason, Stanley Manne Children's Research Institute)

"Furniture Stability: A Review of Data and Testing Results" (Nancy Cowles, Kids in Danger)

"Anchor It! Raising Awareness About Tip-Over Dangers" (Kim Dulic, Consumer Product Safety Commission)

"Approaching the Opioid Epidemic in Milwaukee" (E. Brooke Lerner & Nicole Fumo, Medical College of Wisconsin)

"Data Driven Advocacy: Milwaukee Homicide Review Commission" (Mallory O'Brien, Medical College of Wisconsin, and Salma Abadin, Milwaukee Health Department)

"National Violent Death Reporting System" (Patricia Smith, Michigan Violent Death Reporting System)

"Wisconsin Violent Death Reporting System: Uses of Data to Inform Prevention" (Brittany Grogan, Wisconsin Department of Health Services)

"Indiana Violent Death Reporting System (INVDRS)" (Rachel Kenny, Indiana State Department of Health)

"Using the Illinois Violent Death Reporting System to examine violent deaths in the City of Chicago by Planning Region: 2005, 2010 and 2015" (Antigone Kouvelis, Stanley Manne Children's Research Institute)

"Minnesota Violent Death Reporting System" (Nate Wright, Minnesota Department of Health)

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