Current Committees

Child Injury Prevention

The committee’s mission is to connect regional child injury prevention professionals with each other to share resources and collaborate

Communications & Membership

The committee’s mission is to increase and build membership within MIPA and ensure members are connected through strong avenues of communication. Some of the project include recruit members and maintain current distribution list; raise awareness of MIPA with other organizations; develop and maintain the MIPA website and routinely disseminate information to membership.  The committee meets monthly to bi-monthly depending on projects.


The purpose of the MIPA Data Committee is to help build regional public health surveillance capacity through shared goals, efforts, and participation of the six MIPA member states.  The committee addresses intentional and unintentional injury data across the lifespan. It will serve as an open community and collaboration of state representatives to discuss data-related issues and build data capacity.  The committee meets monthly. (Click here to review the committee’s guidance document.)

Region 5 NVDRS Collaboration

Region V is in the unique position in that all the states in the region participate in the National Violent Death Reporting System. The mission of the group is to facilitate mentoring, collaboration, and data sharing between NVDRS-funded states.

Older Adult Falls

The committee’s mission is to collaborate with fellow healthcare providers, educators and community members of the states in federal Region 5 to provide fall prevention education and awareness to reduce falls and fall-related injuries in our communities.  The committee meets bi-monthly.


This is a new committee.  A survey will be sent the MIPA membership to gain insight into what members would like the committee to address. The mission of the committee will reflect the feedback gained from the membership.

Possible New Committees

Prescription Drug Overdose
Occupational Health
Traumatic Brain Injury
Tribal Interest Group